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Ever since I can remember I wanted to write the story of my mother's youth.

I grew up in my parents' traveling carnival and all my life heard the story of how my half-Jewish mother hid in a circus to stay out of sight of the Nazis, and how she fell in love with the owner of the cirus, my father.

This is a picture of my brother, sisters, and me in front of our caravan home, in 1961.


As a child I had eight haphazard years of school while traveling the carnival circuit in Germany.

Years later, after I immigrated to the US, I received a Bachelor's in English, German, and Spanish, and later a Masters in Language Acquisition and an ESL Certificate, from Brigham Young University.

After teaching German, Spanish and English for many years, I returned to my first love, writing.

Learn more about my novel Tightrope!, which was a strong runner up in the Dana Novel Awards, and tells of the experiences my mother had, hiding from the Nazis in a traveling circus.

Or check out the prize-winning beginning of my memoir, Conversations with Margot.


Writing in all its forms

Teaching, my second love (I mentor classes at the Writer's Village University, an online school for writers).

Knitting and crocheting, because it's relaxing and creative


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